Dawn of The Dead (2004)

For the love of God not every single movie needs a remake.

Like The Heartbreak Kid, Dawn of the Dead (2004) was another movie that I watched when I was younger that I thought was really good. Hell when I remembered this movie was directed by Zach Snyder in his directorial debut and WRITTEN by James Gunn, I had hope.

But as many super teams in sports have proven, just because you name recognition doesn’t mean you are champions.

There’s really no saving gracing to this movie. Running zombies for one?!?! The overall scariness of zombies is that it’s a slow death. You see them coming from a mile away but you know no matter what you do, their numbers will eventually overwhelm you. The fact that they made each zombie as fast as Usain Bolt ruined the suspense of this movie. Everything happened way to fast to even know what was going on. Maybe that’s a good thing. Then I wouldn’t have had to see the horrible makeup on the dead. Seriously it looked like they just slapped some ketchup on a few extras and said “Screw it they look close enough”

And is there a reason that they overly stress throughout the entire movie, that only head shots can take them down yet there are numerous zombies who get killed by a shotgun blast to the chest? This could’ve been used to be its own thing. A zombie movie where head shots aren’t the only way to kill them? A small effect but game changing. Except they decided to say in post “Ehh screw it. The bullet landed close enough to the head”.

Not everything can be the Walking Dead I guess.

This movie isn’t one you watch on a Saturday night. It’s not one where you watch it while drunk.

It’s a movie where you watch it for one reason alone: Nostalgia.

I really regret wasting $3 to rent this but hindsight is a bitch sometimes.

Rating: 3/10

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