Godzilla Vs Kong (2021)

I have literally been waiting for this movie for years.

I remember when they hinted at it in the after-credit scene for Kong Skull Island (2017) and thought “Hmmm. Two giant ass monsters kicking the crap out of each other? That seems over the top, overdone, and overly unnecessary… I want it”

For what it was (Monsters duking it out and such) this film was great. I saw it in the only place that you could see this: In the theatre. Studios can put however many movies they want on a streaming service, but I will always pick a giant ass screen with surround sound over my smart tv with a sound bar. There was everything you could ask for. Explosions, giant monsters fighting, good human characters…okay maybe not that last part.

Like I said I enjoyed the monsters in this movie greatly, but the humans had very little to offer. From start to finish they just didn’t make you care whatsoever about what was going on in their life. Yes I know it’s a monster movie but why have humans if you’re not going to…you know…use them?

Another thing I noticed is the Hollow Earth. We’ve already established in King of Monsters that it’s this little region under the earth where Godzilla lives but in that it looks like a little cave where he just posts up and hangs out. And for this they completely change what it’s all about and are just like “It’s like Skull Island upside down” (Spoiler alert. Not really)

These are just small things that didn’t ruin the movie, but they are the things that kept me from rating it higher.

Rating: 7/10

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