Mortal Kombat (2021)

Was there really a need for this…I’m being completely serious. When will they learn that video game movies DO NOT WORK.

Please name a video game movie that was an instant blockbuster and a hit with the fans…thought not.

The genre is born from a bad situation. People spend hundreds of hours playing these games and then the directors have the hard job of cramming those into a couple hours. It’s an unfair game.

But maybe next time you’re making a Mortal Kombat movie, don’t actually say lines in the movie like “Fatality” or “FIGHT!!”

That might’ve landed for one out of ten people but it left the rest of us shaking our head.

This wasn’t a bad movie. It was actually entertaining. But not the good entertaining. More like this movie isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen entertaining.

I hate the fact that I have an urge to see every movie I can in the actual theatre but it’s a curse. Hard pass on this one again.

Rating: 5/10

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