Legion (2010)

I was bored. Plain and simple

For those wondering if you have to know the bible to watch this movie, the answer is no. No you do not. They show a couple of guys with wings in a place that’s supposed to be heaven but looks more like one of the Halo structures.

The editing in this movie might be the worst part about it. Whenever there’s a fight scene, it just bounces all over the place. That wouldn’t have saved the movie but still. If you’re going to do a battle with the characters that were in the battle, at least slow it down a bit

I honestly didn’t care about any character in this movie. That includes the woman with the baby. You’re smoking while pregnant and then acting like “Oh wait!! I’m not supposed to do this!!!! I should stop to show the audience how great of a character arc I have!!”

Serioulsly?!?!?! You didn’t know smoking while pregnant was bad before?? Even if you’re the biggest asshole on the planet, you know smoking or drinking while pregnant is bad for the baby.

I would not watch this movie again. At least for another year or so till I have a craving to. May God have mercy on my soul when that happens.

Rating: 2/10

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