Profile (2018)

Profile (2018 or 2021. However you want to look at it)

The screen life genre is one that I feel is severely underrated. That includes movies like Unfriended and Searching. I remember seeing those both in theatres and thinking they were quite good. Not masterpieces but they tried something new. I think in a decade or so, we’ll see more movies just like it.

Profile will not be the movie that pushes this genre forward however. The movie wasn’t a dud but it was just boring to watch. You can guess the plot of the movie by just watching the trailer and those are the worst types of movies. The whole love story between the two, where she falls in love with a terrorist in the span of a month is cringy. Him calling her “Baby” every other scene isn’t romantic in any sort of fashion. It’s annoying.

Overall however, the movie wasn’t a complete waste of time. I felt that it moved at a pretty good pace. They didn’t waste too much time on things that plainly didn’t matter. I actually semi cared about her relationship with her British boyfriend. That’s what I look for in a good movie. Actually caring about the characters.

I might see this movie again in theatres but that’s only because I have Regal Unlimited and I won’t waste time seeing it over other movies.

It’s a lot better than Scoob!…

Rating 5/10

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