Scoob! (2020)

The only reason I saw this is because my girlfriend wanted to see it. The only reason I went to the theatre to see this is because I have Regal Unlimited and I had enough credits built up for a free ticket to go with it. The only money I spent was the overpriced concessions. But I’ll pay it if they don’t take my cinema away from me again.

This movie should’ve never been made. There. I said it.

Yes, nostalgia and all that good stuff but seriously. Why did this have to be a thing?

First off, don’t let it fool you. The people this movie is geared towards is young adults. Not kids. Not teenagers. People in their early to mid 20’s. But I’m 27 and I still didn’t get every single reference they threw at me. The few I did, were met with guffaws by me but that was only because they were so dumb that I had no choice but to laugh.

They had a such a good chance to make a decent movie with the talent they had at their disposal but they couldn’t even do that right.

I’m not saying this movie is on the level of Showdogs (The dog in this movie didn’t dab for one) but the fact that they gave this dog a middle name (which the policeman at the beginning of the movie asked for) infuriates me. “If a dog has a middle name, I can’t take it to jail” The only reason I’m not giving this movie a 1/10 is because it knew it was dumb from the get-go and just tried to roll with it.

Rating: 3/10

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