Army of The Dead (2021)

I was finally able to sit down and watch Army of The Dead on Netflix.

I remember when this movie was first released, and it was available at a small theatre close to my apartment. I waited to see it because I also wanted to take my fiancé with me as well. But she hates seeing movies in the theatre and by that time I had missed my window. Life happened and I just sort of forgot about it till today.

End result…meh.

Don’t get me wrong. If you put Zach Snyder’s name in front of anything, I will go see it. It could be the worst rated movie of all time and I’d still see it.

But this movie wasn’t one you’d pay to see if you could avoid it. I am always someone who’d rather see something on the big screen than my 55 inch with a soundbar any day. But if you’re not like me, then Netflix will suit you just fine.

This movie was actually quite interesting. You actually had a social hierarchy with the Z’s that you really hadn’t seen in zombie movies before.

That didn’t make up for Dave Bautista literally murmuring half his lines. Maybe I didn’t have my volume up loud enough, but I doubt that would’ve helped. Besides him, there’s really not any names I’d recognize from this besides the director and that’s never a good sign.

I’d see this movie again but if they did a re-release in theatres, don’t count me in for first in line.

Rating: 6/10

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