Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin (2021)

Please for the love of God just let this damn franchise die.

Ghost Dimension was supposed to be the last one and even then it was a couple movies too late. As much as I love Kathryn Newton, if they would’ve stopped after the third movie and she never starred in the fourth movie, I wouldn’t have cared. Now they’re just tainting what was at the time one of my top ten found footage movies. The rest of the series has just ruined the first one for me so much, I can barely watch it.

You could definitely tell this movie was shot during Covid. I was confused at why everyone was wearing masks at first (is Tobi infectious?) then I remembered “Oh yeah…quarantine”

Was there a reason that there was slow motion in this movie? Like who is editing that into the random footage they found? Also when one of the guys dies, you can definitely tell they’re using a fake head BECAUSE OF THE SLOW MOTION

Also some of the camera shots make no sense. It felt at times that they forgot this was a found footage movie.

This movie was just such a disappointment. I knew it wouldn’t be great but hard pass on seeing this one again…ever

Rating: 3/10

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